Special overnight stays in North Holland

Alys Finest Accommodations offers unusual accommodation in North Holland. Want to know why and where you can spend a special night with us? Then read on.

You will always remember a special overnight stay for a long time. At Alys, we make sure that all our accommodation will stay with you in a positive way and provide you with pleasure days after your stay. We do this partly through our facilities but also through the unique locations. For example, the apartments at Maris in Egmond aan Zee are all furnished with the latest and most modern facilities such as a wine climate cabinet. Lovely, isn't it? They also have great views over the North Sea, perfect for a memorable sunset with family or friends. On to the cosiest golden hour of the year.

Special stay over with child

In the beautiful Kennemer Dunes in North Holland you will find the Bosvilla. Both the location and the spacious facilities make this an accommodation where you can spend a special night. Hop on your bike and go for a nice bike ride or stay relaxed at the villa and enjoy a delicious barbecue while the children play on the enclosed grounds. Spend the night here with the whole family or even several families for an unforgettable stay. So you can talk together about your unforgettable stay in the Kennemer Dunes, perhaps the most beautiful nature reserve in North Holland. Special overnight stay with children? Come to Alys.

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You can also spend a special night in the centre of Haarlem. You will do so at Anegang Boutique Hotel in the centre of Haarlem. This historic building is equipped with all modern conveniences and offers the ideal location to explore the city with friends. Experience a special overnight stay at Anegang boutique hotel and take home not only the hippest outifts but also the most beautiful memories.

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