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The Kennemer Dunes, located on the Dutch coast in the province of North Holland, are a vast area of dunes stretching for about 20 kilometers between Zandvoort and IJmuiden. The area is part of the South Kennemerland National Park and covers some 3,800 acres of varied landscape.

Dunes were created by the deposition of sand by the sea and wind over thousands of years. They are not only a natural protection from the sea, but also an important habitat for a diverse range of plants and animals.

The flora of the Kennemer Dunes is extremely diverse, including dune grasslands, dune thickets, forests and dune valleys. Rare plant species such as orchids, grass of Parnassus and dune violets grow here. The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, including rabbits, foxes, deer, fallow deer and numerous bird species.

The Kennemer Dunes are popular with hikers, cyclists and nature lovers because of the many hiking and biking trails that run through the area. Several trails are available, varying in length and difficulty, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the diversity of the landscape.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Kennemer Dunes are also home to historical attractions, such as remnants of ancient settlements and defenses dating from the Middle Ages to World War II.

The area is accessible year-round and allows visitors to enjoy the peace, serenity and natural splendor that the Kennemer Dunes have to offer.

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