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Forest Villa Kennemerduinen Maris Apartments Rural Bergen Anegang Boutique Hotel


Alys Finest Accommodations are located in the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. Places where you can relax, unwind and discover new cultures. Whichever location you choose, we will make sure that you won’t miss anything during your stay.

Forest Villa Kennemerduinen

This forest villa is situated on a picture-perfect spot in the middle of the Kennemerduinen nature reserve near IJmuiden. Celebrate a holiday with family or friends and enjoy a stay in the heart of nature.

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Maris Apartments

Maris Apartments combines timeless design, high-quality appliances and world-class service with a breathtaking view of the beach, the dunes and the sea. The perfect base for a wonderful beach holiday in Egmond aan Zee.

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Rural Bergen

This spacious vacation home is located on the vast plains of Bergen, with all facilities for a wonderful stay with your whole family. The house is located a stone's throw from the center of Alkmaar & Bergen and only 10 minutes by bike from Egmond aan Zee. This house is suitable for 8 persons. This vacation house has a lovely garden where you can use, with various luxury garden furniture to fully enjoy. The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious sitting and dining area, a second sitting area with fireplace and a pleasant kitchen. The house is also equipped with all other comforts such as washing machine, dryer, etc. Experience a unique location in a beautiful place.

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Anegang Boutique Hotel

All the freedom of home with the service of a hotel in the heart of Haarlem. At this unique accommodation, you will check in yourself via our digital platform. This gives you the freedom to organise your day the way you want.

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