Cycling holidays in the Netherlands

Discover new destinations

Discover new destinations in the Netherlands and experience an unforgettable adventure. Cycling gives a feeling of freedom and is actually good for your health. The bicycle gives you the opportunity to make longer trips and really get to know new places. Once you return from the bike ride, you can relax in one of the fine Alys accommodations.

Stay at the most beautiful places in the Netherlands during your cycling holiday

In addition to there being a lot to see, you can also discover a great accommodation. When you stay at one of Alys' locations, you can get back on the road after a luxurious night's sleep.

We have selected a number of cities where you and your group can stay in comfort and enjoy the surroundings. All of the locations are in North Holland (for now), but you can easily cycle from these places through the beautiful Netherlands.

Your cycling holiday in the Netherlands, with luxury accommodation, can be a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Discover the most beautiful accommodations and plan your great, luxurious cycling holiday in the Netherlands.